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Listings for week to Sunday 9 August 2020:

While Edinburgh’s theatres are dark due to the Covid-19 virus, we will publish a list of live theatre performances being broadcast online.

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Monday 3 August 2020

The Old Normal
By Carolyn Lincoln.
Streaming on: Citadel Goes Viral.
From Monday 3 August.
Even before lockdown, many older people experience loneliness, even if they’re living with their father – or perhaps that’s why life is so trying! With Charles Donnelly and Mark Kydd.

Out of the Woods (episode 1)
By Johnny McKnight.
Streaming on: NTS Scenes for Survival.
From Monday 3 August: 9pm.
A father sends video messages as he struggles to find his way through the woods on the way to pick up his daughter. But remember, she’s not to tell her other dad he’s coming…. it’s to be their little secret. Equal parts hilarious and sinister, Alan Cumming stars in the first of a bewitching new three-part short, directed by Andrew Panton.

Tuesday 4 August 2020

Wednesday 5 August 2020

As You Like It
Live reading by The Show Must Go On(Line) on YouTube.
Weds 5 August 2020: 7pm.
Remains online indefinitely.
A live Zoom reading of Shakespeare’s As You Like It, directed by Robert Myles.
The Show Must Go OnLine is Robert’s response to Covid-19: weekly readings of every Shakespeare play by a global cast, in the order they were believed to have been written and streamed live on his YouTube channel. Full legacy playlist: YouTube..

Alone – part 2
By Janey Godley
Streaming on: NTS Scenes for Survival.
From Wednesday 5 August: 9pm.
Freed from her controlling husband, lonely mother Betty is finally free to reach out to Stephen, her estranged son now living as a young artist in London. There’s so much to catch up on, and it’s high time they started planning for their futures. Janey Godley teams up with Jack Lowden and director Caitlin Skinner. The follow-up to Alone.

Thursday 6 August 2020

Friday 7 August 2020

Dirlo – The Survivor
By Iain Macrae
Streaming on: NTS Scenes for Survival.
From Friday 7 August: 9pm.
Stuck shearing sheep on an isolated island, with nothing to enjoy but the bad weather and the company of his childhood friend, a man laments his situation in messages back to his wife on the mainland. But soon unpleasant secrets begin to surface – will their friendship last the storm? Daibhidh Walker is directed by Liz Carruthers in a Gaelic-language short.

Saturday 8 August 2020

Saturday Night Live at the Stand
Compere: Mark Nelson
A Stand broadcast live on YouTube.
Sat 8 Aug 2020: 8.30pm.
Remains online until 10am Monday.
The Stand’s live Saturday night is in its Glasgow venue – but check the live feed to the Edinburgh Stand. Mark Nelson introduced live sets from Darren ConnellScott Agnew, Liam Farrelly, Christopher Macarthur-Boyd and your headliner, the incomparable Janey Godley.
Live broadcast here:

Sunday 2 August 2020

Still Streaming:

Cadaver Synod
By Ben Blow
Live recording of Reality Funds Theatre’s production.
Streamed on Facebook.

Remains online indefinitely.
RFT’s engaging historical comedy-horror from Fringe 2019 crosses boundaries of genre and taste with equal relish. A 9th-century Pope has a predecessor exhumed in order to put his corpse on trial. Based on real events in the time of Stephen VI. Æ review: ★★★☆☆ Gore of yore.

Dead White Anarchists
By Paul Case
Streaming on: Facebook.
Paris, 1892. The city is being torn apart by bombings and police crackdowns. A young anarchist prepares for his war against the State. But when he hears strange rumblings from the future, madness beckons… Writer/performer Paul Case, directed by Emily Ingram, recorded live from Case’s front room.

Mary, It began with a lass…
By Battery Theatre Company
Archive performance on YouTube.
Remains online over the summer.
A fast paced journey through the life and loves of Mary Queen of Scots, telling the story of her love for Scotland and for the men around her. Battery Theatre’s contemporary look at Mary’s story was filmed at The Battery the end of its sell-out 2019 tour.

By David F Ross
Streaming on: The Gaiety Lockdown TV.
1 – 31 August 2020.
A young Ayrshire band miraculously hit the big time in 1984, despite having a delusional teenage manager propelled by a dark, malign voice in his head. Three-handed lockdown adaptation of David F Ross’s comedy caper novel. See Æ review: ★★★★☆ Barmy army.

The Narcissistic Fish
By Samuel Bordoli and Jenni Fagan
Streaming on: YouTube via Scottish Opera.
A phone call during a busy shift in the restaurant kitchen of The Narcissistic Fish sparks a war between the owner Angus and his brother Kai. As they argue over their dead father, talented and underpaid chef Belle has a revelation of her own. With Scottish Opera emerging artists Charlie Drummond, Mark Nathan and Arthur Bruce.
(12 minute opera short)

*NB: We would like this to be a complete listing of all live-streamed theatrical productions on the internet. If you know a live stream which is not listed, or a listing is inaccurate, please get in touch through the contact page, here. Many thanks!